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Freight not: Cogoport eyes Asia and Europe market

Enjoy a simpler freight booking experience Let us look at some facts regarding the international freight market. It is estimated at $40bn by 2020 and growing at an estimated 12-14 per cent CAGR. This segment is complex and inefficient. The industry does business in a disjointed way. Plus there is the predominance of outdated, analog…
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The art of invoicing in a GST-regime

The trick is in minute detailing! Larry Bradley An invoice is the document which lists goods and services provided with statement of the sum due. It is required to keep a record of sales and purchases in the book of accounts. With the GST regime having kicked in, all businesses need to start issuing invoices…
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‘HOBBYCOOK’ is in talks with an investor

Sumptuous home food, served at work Executives working away from home often end up binging on food, low on hygiene and quality. They get bored of the same more often. It is just this issue, HOBBYCOOK, Ahmedabad-based startup is looking to solve. The company aims to provide multiple meal options to the urban working professionals.…
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