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Women in the Startup World: Risking it Right

India may be the land of opportunity today and home to many startups and businesses, but gender disparity continues to be a hurdle. While India has many women entrepreneurs who have carved a niche for themselves in the startup world, there still exists an element of bias both in the corporate and startup world. It…
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A love affair between commitment and enterprise

Valentine’s Day is when matters of the heart get celebrated and the unison of soulmates scripts a story of its own. However, there are entrepreneurs who are Valentines (be it a married couple, close friends, or brother sister)  and have started a togetherness journey of altogether another kind—by jointly founding a startup. Start Guru catches…
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Dreams turned reality at an early age!

India’s entrepreneurial future rests with the young. This may not just be a mere rhetoric but the sheer number of student startups performing exceedingly well in the big league is testimony to the fact that youngsters today are driving force in the startup world. There are ample startup success stories that underline the successful entrepreneurship…
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Discussing the Taboo with YourDOST

When we talk about innovative startups, our mind always steers towards technology and IT. However, emotional wellness is rarely taken into account. As well all know, people today are more stressed than ever. Mental health issues are on the rise but no one likes to talk about the taboo. Many still disregard mental health issues…
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Chambal Media – Giving the unheard a voice.

Amused by the eccentric name? Well, this start-up with a quirky name has stirred up quite the discussion amongst people. Originating from Bundelkhand, Chambal Media is a rural digital media start-up that has focused on a feminist business model. However, its early days were even more interesting. 15 years ago, the NGO ‘Nirantar’ along with…
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