Entrepreneurs… Learn from Pokemon Go!

If you haven’t caught up with the fad yet, just know that Pokemon Go is taking over the world!

As if it wasn’t odd enough seeing grown adults going nuts over dog-faced filters, now we have them running on streets in search of Pikachu and other ‘rare’ Pokemons.

Either ways, there’s more to learn from Pokemon Go then just knowing how to toss a pokeball accurately. This is a heads-up for all entrepreneurs!

Here are 3 things all entrepreneurs can learn from Pokemon Go:


  • Timing


This is something that everyone would agree with. It was very strategically launched – the kids who were Pokemon fans would now be in their 20’s. Hence they would have the ability to not only play the game with a vested interest but also be financially capable of spending on the game. As entrepreneurs, don’t underestimate the timing of your product launch.


  • Monetizing nostalgia


It’s no surprise that companies like Pixar are only releasing sequels of their popular movies, 15-20 years later. Similar to Pokemon Go, Toy Story 3, Monsters Inc, Finding Dory and now The Incredibles 2 all have been launched much after their preceding films. It’s purely about appealing to the same audience that they initially targeted (except now they’re a lot older). Tapping into people’s childhood emotions and nostalgia is the biggest marketing technique of today!


  • Branding


What’s so new about Pokemon Go? There have been many other location-based augmented reality games before this but none gained more daily users than Snapchat. What set apart Pokemon Go from the rest was its brand. Pokemon has been around for 20 years. This goes to show that you can reproduce and sell almost anything once you establish a strong brand.

We don’t know yet if Pokemon Go is here to stay or not but the company is already set to release a new game in November – ‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’. Pokémon Go's success has already added $7.5 billion to Nintendo's market value in just a week. It’s clearly not just a game; it’s an entrepreneurial venture that went damn right.

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