Mobiles apps to help you shop onlines

Do you run an online business? If you do, then you must know that it’s a job that requires your attention tirelessly every minute of the day. There’s such a lot to take care of, like marketing management, order tracking, new product sourcing, financial management, analytics etc.

While it’s true that ecommerce gives you the freedom to work on the go, you still need to be in touch with your business wherever you are. Thanks to mobile technology, that is possible, especially since a steady stream of applications help you manage your online store right through your smartphone.

Shopify Ecommerce Platform

Shopify’s ecommerce app would be the top choice for a person running an online store. The application has the ability to track and report information that is required to analyse the traffic, conversions, purchases, cart additions etc. Moreover, the app sends you a notification each time an order is processed, thus keeping you in the loop.


MailChimp is the go-to application for managing your newsletter campaigns. This is an email marketing platform that could integrate with apps like Shopify to help you monitor and manage your campaign from your smartphone. You could use it to check on the click-through rates of your promotions, see how the list segments respond and more.


Buffer keeps you stocked with wonderful content for your social media channels. You could create your own content or curate existing ones and then schedule it with Buffer. The app will submit it to your social media channels on the day and time you schedule it for publication. This saves you a lot of valuable time too.


Keeping track of your competitors is vital to your online store’s growth. With Mention, you could keep tabs on industries and businesses by researching the keywords or brands that you want to track. Mention will monitor them in real time and send you a notification each time someone uses the keywords you highlighted. This way you can stay updated on trending topics, keeping you in the game.


Put all your finances together with Mint. The application could shift across information from investments, credit cards, savings and checking accounts, enabling you to monitor your transactions, whether it is to pay the bills or see if the payment has been credited.


Expensify, as the name signifies, keeps track of your expenses in an organized manner. You could scan and upload your paper receipts to Expensify, classify and file them for later use.


IFTTT is short for “If This Then That”, and it lets you synchronise your daily activities. This allows you to reduce the number of tasks you do for marketing your online store.


“Want, Need, Love”, or Wanelo, gathers all your product feeds in one place, enabling you to promote both the products and your store.

Google Analytics

The main application that allows you to monitor your site traffic, conversions, clicks, goals, and campaigns. This is especially useful when you have multiple campaigns running simultaneously.


If you are marketing on a variety of social media channels, then Hootsuite will help you do that from a single dashboard. This helps you shuttle back and forth between work and personal accounts without logging in and out each time.

Which mobile app do you find to be the most useful for your line of business? Please share your views.

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