When your Brand needs Revitalizing?

Just the way an outfit is important to a person's overall personality, revitalization is also an essential strategy to jazz up a brand and catch eyeballs.

When you read news about a well-known, long-standing brand deciding to change its logo and going through millions of dollars’ worth expense to implement it, you think… why?!?

Simply put, revitalizing your brand is as essential to the personality of your brand, as say getting a new haircut to a regular person.

Why Revitalize?

A brand goes through several changes in concept over time. For instance, while in some cases the promoter’s expertise may expand, in some others the promoter may narrow down the offerings. The team may even add a niche to the offerings or the promoters may just be plain bored with the same old look.

Revitalizing a brand could also be associated with evolution of the brand, wherein, systematically, and often without conscious knowledge, the brand changes. As such, it becomes important to keep the visual identity of the brand in alignment with its reality.

How to Revitalize?

Revitalizing a brand has a few steps that should be followed:

Identify Areas to Apply: Not everything has to change when a brand is revitalized. It is important to identify which areas of the brand need application.

Identify what all needs to change: This step is particularly important in the design centric revitalizing. Like, if you are going in for changing the logo, it is important to know how different you want the logo to be.

Is it the right time: While it is absolutely the brand owner’s call to take it is normally suggested that the timing for the revitalizing be selected carefully. For instance, it would be more impactful to implement a logo change when there is a corporate gifting occasion in the neighbourhood. This allows one to share the changed brand look with peers.

Who would do it: It is always advisable to go with a professional when revitalizing your brand. Just like you wouldn’t trust any random barber for your makeover, you need to find the right visualizer for your brand.

Take your time: It would be best to take time to accept the suggested changes while implementing the revitalization. Since your enterprise already has an identity, the wrong changes may prove to be detrimental to it.

What next?

After you implement the changes when revitalizing your brand there are some things to keep in mind.

  1. Update all applications wherein the revitalization impacts.
  2. Train staff to apply the changes and service accordingly.
  3. Specifically in case of logo revitalizing, ensure that all ID Cards, visiting cards, profile pictures and icons online are updated.
  4. Talk about the changes. Just like you would find occasions and reasons to show off your new look, the brand should also be shown off, don’t you think?
  5. Maintain all the proofs of change. In case of Trademarked company names and copy written designs, it would be appropriate to maintain the legal documents of the change.

How to capitalize it?

Revitalizing your brand gives you an opportunity to turn a new leaf or re-initiate talks with a lost client. It is the best opportunity to impact a change in perception. For instance, “Mr X, we have revitalized the brand, how about revitalizing our relationship too?”

When a brand gets revitalized, the brand gets an opportunity to target a newer niche of clients. More so, the revitalizing is a sign of growth.

Every brand evolves with time; this evolution should be represented, spoken of and used to the maximum advantage. The only thing to ensure when revitalizing your brand would be to keep the target audience perception, abilities and acceptance in mind.

Have you had any experience with reinventing a brand? We would love to hear from you.


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