Keep the Lub-Dub Going

Let mother nature power up your life

Light bulbs light up a dark room with the help of filament present inside them. In a similar manner humans, water, animals, trees and energy light up our lives to make Earth a better place. On this World Environment Day, we aim to appreciate them for saving our planet and our lives and make a vow to save them.


We thank thee for making life simple

 iamanentrepreneur startup humans environment

Humans have unique minds which creates life-simplifying objects.  The world is constantly changing and there is an increase need to cope up with this change. New innovations have surfaced which has not only made our life simpler but also connected us to each other. So humans power up our life with the use of their mind and have given us the opportunities we see today. Live happy. Live simple. Love all.


We thank thee for lending a hand to live healthy

iamanentrepreneur startup water

Of all the water available in the world only 3% is fresh water. Out of this only one third of 1% is available for human consumption. So it becomes essential to save this limited amount of water available to us. Water is used for drinking, daily chores and bodily functions without which our life would stop functioning. These uses empower our beautiful life. So save water. Saving water is in your hands.


We thank thee for your persistent support

iamanentrepreneur startup animals environment

 There are many animals in the world but their number is on a decrease and people are not aware of this decline. The animals provide food and are used in industries like cosmetic and pharmaceutical. Additionally, they also provide social and emotional support. So pledge to save animals. Say no to fur. Say no to use of animals for entertainment. Say no to experiments on animals. Say yes to save animals.


We thank thee for the food, pleasant shade and the air we breathe

iamanentrepreneur startup tree environment

Our life will be in serious trouble without the existence of trees. Trees provide us with shelter, food, medicines, protection and fresh air. Additionally, they are also a source of survival for many industries like paper, rubber and match. We need to understand the importance of trees in our lives and save them for the betterment of our life and a greener environment. Save trees today for a better tomorrow.


We thank thee for saving our environment

iamanentrepreneur startup wind

With time, people will need to shift to renewable sources of energy. It reduces pollution, climate change and also high costs of other sources of energy. They will never run out and hence are constantly replenished. So switch to renewable sources of energy. Make a difference. It all starts with the first step.


So start-ups take a pledge and save all these elements so that we can give the future generations an opportunity to experience the beauty of life and environment. Save them not only through your business but also through your personal life. Pledge to safeguard them for a better today. Only a better today will promise a better future for you and for everyone around.



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