Nursery Rhymes For Startups!

Nursery rhymes never fade from our minds. After all, they are one of the first things we learn!
So we thought, why not create nursery rhymes for startups? Give yourself a little break from all the hustling and enjoy these rhymes we handcrafted for you!

1.Twinkle Twinkle

Starting off with the all-time favourite, who knew we would still be looking for our lucky stars as entrepreneurs?

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2. Johnny Johnny

If you have ever felt like Johnny, give this one a like! It’s good to laugh at yourself sometimes.

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3. Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty was actually a true, figurative story for many startups.

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4. I'm A Little Teapot

Time to lighten things up! Is your startup a little teapot too?

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5. Itsy Bitsy Spider

Every startup should have the courage of an itsy bitsy spider! Wasn’t this inspiring?

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This was our take on startup nursery rhymes, which was your favorite? Let us know in the comments down below!

Disclaimer: The visuals used are not owned/created by IAmAnEntrepreneur. The visual sources have been cited with the videos. However  the lyrics and audio are owned and created by IAmAnEntrepreneur.

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