Turn heads; Up your web-design quotient

Tips to redesign your website

A little tweaking of the older web design over a period of time can result in a far more efficient web surfing experience for the user.  Redesigning a website is not only about changing the interface of colors, navigational aspects and graphics. It is to explore a well balanced view to make the website more efficient. This in turn attracts new visitors and helps the person explore each and every aspect of the website.

Let us discuss some of the essential tips that one must keep in mind while redesigning a website.

Know what you want:

One of the most common mistakes many people commit is that they cramp it up with too much information. Before redesigning a website it is essential to have a written plan about the target audience for the website. This must be designed keeping in mind the convenience of the visitors.

A well designed website is not the one that looks good but also works efficiently. You must publish information that is more relevant to the user acting as a catalyst. This turns a visitor into a potential client.

Consider Responsive Web Design:

It is a must today to redesign your website with a responsive web design. This could be displayed perfectly irrespective of the electronic gadget being used by the user. An intrinsic advantage of having responsive web design is to publish only a single content that is accessible for all users.  

Important aspects of website include search engine optimization, publishing and updating of web content. Designing and maintenance are all far more effectively done with a responsive web design.

Balance Simplicity and Attractive Quotient:  

Web designing is not about bombarding the visitor with attractive design and heavy graphic attritions. It has to offer a balance between sense and sensibility. In case the traffic is really high, it makes more sense to customize the website according to the region and its dynamics.

It’s important to have a website wherein users could engage with various aspects of the website. This is especially true for visitors from a country with poor internet speeds.  

Check Browser Compatibility:

The website design must be rechecked on all possible popular browsers. This is to make sure any misalignment and non display of icons and images can be corrected.  With internet users divided amongst their preferred browser preference, it is recommend that the website must be checked for compatibility for the popular one including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Opera maid and others.

Make Website SEO Friendly:

Last but not the least, making a website search engine friendly must begin at website designing state. This should not wait until tools are used to enhance rankings once the website has been designed.

The website map should be spidered properly by all search engine bots and usage of appropriate keywords in headers and footnotes. Web designing can bring in far greater and efficient search engine optimization.

What kind of web design has inspired you the most? Do share your views.



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