Ways to attain Data Security on the Cloud

For your data security following these pointers!

More and more companies today are getting smarter by opting ‘cloud computing’ for flexibility and cost efficiency. But lack of proper methods of safeguarding data and absence of compliance standards create hurdles to its success.

Data theft could cripple businesses and cause a bad reputation in the market place. Since, cloud data can be accessed from anywhere, vital business data can be compromised through various breaches. However, every problem has its solution; likewise the data stored in clouds can also be kept securely through various means. Let’s have a look at some of the ways to attain data security on the cloud.

Implement Encryption

In order to prevent a hacker from intruding into your firewall and access the business data from reading, editing and deleting, the best possible solution is to encrypt the same. Key data should be encrypted in source server and manage the keys all by yourself. Various encryption softwares are also available to prevent unauthorized access.

Secure Access

The best way to protect your data is to have a secured access to the same. Use of multi-level, multi factor authentication could help you in this. Though it’s a time consuming process, but at the end of the day your data is safe. Not all users should have access keys for all types of data, segregate users and their field of data requirement and accordingly the users provide them access codes, preferably encrypted.

Back Up Data Locally

Basic rule of securing your data on cloud is to always have a backup. Both virtually and physically backing up of data can be done . This becomes handy when your system network gets hijacked or crashes.

Use Strong Passwords

To have an upper hand over the malicious hackers out there, one should have a strong password, preferably an alphanumeric one which is not easy to crack. Besides, keep changing the same in frequent interval to secure your data, also its advisable not to repeat the ones used earlier.

Avoid Storing Sensitive Information

Just to be on the safer side, it is advisable to keep extremely sensitive data away from cloud storage. Since cloud is not that full proof, better not to take risk and store frequently used files and data.

Read the fine print of the Cloud service provider for Data Security

Last but not the least, read through the fine prints and have a thorough understanding of the T&C of the service provider, there might be some catch which could later jeopardize your data security. Your service provider shouldn’t have any rights to share details with other affiliates. Many such terms of usage should be there to secure your data.

With the evolution of system security, the hackers are also evolving fast and learning new ways to sneak into your secured data. The best way is keep yourself updated with the latest development in this field by updating your software with new patches and versions. Keeping an anti-virus and anti-spy to protect your data should also be one of those preliminary steps taken to secure your business information.

What measures do you usually take to protect your data on the cloud? Do share your views.


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