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Discussing the Taboo with YourDOST

When we talk about innovative startups, our mind always steers towards technology and IT. However, emotional wellness is rarely taken into account. As well all know, people today are more stressed than ever. Mental health issues are on the rise but no one likes to talk about the taboo. Many still disregard mental health issues…
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Are Startups Exclusive to Just Urbanites?

Recently, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal expressed that an entrepreneurship council has been set up by the Delhi government to look at ways in which startups can be promoted in Delhi, making it a preferred destination as compared to its neighbors Noida and Gurgaon. They are thus investigating ways in which Delhi can introduce startup…
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Here’s What Your Presentation to Your VC Lacks

We know what you’re thinking – it’s just a presentation. If you’re new to the startup game, chances are that you have had your share of trying to secure funding. Meeting VCs after VCs and conjuring up countless presentations isn’t easy. Everyone’s on the same boat. So how do you make sure that your boat…
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Chambal Media – Giving the unheard a voice.

Amused by the eccentric name? Well, this start-up with a quirky name has stirred up quite the discussion amongst people. Originating from Bundelkhand, Chambal Media is a rural digital media start-up that has focused on a feminist business model. However, its early days were even more interesting. 15 years ago, the NGO ‘Nirantar’ along with…
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A New Launchpad for Indian Startups by Amazon!

With the ever-growing e-commerce industry in India, Amazon has finally launched into the Indian startup market! After associating with Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion’s Startup India initiative, Nasscom 10,000 startups and Indian Angel Network, Amazon Launchpad has come forward to aid more startups in India. So what is this launch pad all about? Basically,…
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