Logistics startup 'GoBOLT' raises Rs.40 crore in Series A funding
Swiggy plans to expand into B2B segment
Paytm in talks to buy a majority stake in BigBasket
'Liferay' Picks up majority stake in 'Triblio'
Pharmeasy raises a venture debt of Rs s>

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Cryptocurrency: Is it a Bane or a Boon?

Has the recent dilemma about cryptocurrencies driven you nuts? Well, this piece might bring in some enlightenment. By Gairika Mitra Fast lives and compact schedules have resulted in limiting conversations only to coffee breaks, or probably lunch time. Usually, such conversations revolve around current affairs, and I am sure that cryptocurrencies occupy a major part……
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How to start an insanely successful STARTUP?

Here’s the By Samit Samant, Account Head, Life Guru. This is probably one of the hottest topics, I have come across in recent times. So, be it during client meetings, bachelor parties or family vacations, practically everyone has a secret plan for their own successful STARTUP... Everyone has a superb idea and a brilliant business…
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For entrepreneurs struggling to raise money for their start-ups, any money looks good. But is it wise to take any money that’s offered to you? Smart money is money plus the value in terms of mentoring, guidance, opening doors, initial customers connect for validation or early adoption, strategic partners connect for market access, tech licensing,…
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