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Pay heed to compliance issues!

In the race for fast execution of ideas and quick results, a lot of start-ups tend to overlook the issues related with compliance. While compliance is not merely a government formality, it also plays an integral part when it comes to challenges like fund-raising. Here goes a list of compliance errors a lot of start-ups commit: 1: Starting off…
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Where goes my money??

A new business hub might seem like a hell of an idea! The product created here could be absolutely riveting. But is it making money or simply losing all down the drain, like so many others. How?? Recently, in an interview with Tech in Asia, Navneet Singh, PepperTap CEO, said, “Since we operated on a…
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Wondering how to target the right audience?

A business may offer a unique innovative product but unless it targets the right audience the chances of a success are often limited. A successful startup is the one that is successful to identify and target their audience and potential clients effectively. While a lot has been written about the needs of marketing and how…
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