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Are You Dancing Your Way to Success?

There are six P's in any entrepreneurial journey; patience, persistence, perseverance, pain, politics and (my personal favourite) partyyyyy. How do you cope up and keep all of them in place? Dance and solve it all!   1. Patience: Losing your cool at this hour could ruin your entire performance. Burn those collywobbles and anxiety, let your…
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Five books recommended by Bill Gates!

Hey Entrepreneurs, here are few books Bill Gates recommended for you! We've picked the best of the lot and put them in a video here. We think you should definitely consider reading them. Hope this piece is informative for you!   [video width="640" height="360" mp4=""][/video] Tell us how you like it in the comment section below-…
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What makes Startup Founders ‘Emotional’ ?

  It's always difficult to gauge what a person is feeling through their expressions.   Similarly, when we talk about startup founders and their emotions- there are numerous interpretations! Investors interpret something, their employees interpret something else and ultimately nobody really knows what they are feeling! We thought it would be nice to tell you…
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