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Just Spray to PeeSafe

'PeeSafe'- here's a toilet seat sanitizer spray  If you are a public toilet phobe, then this piece is for you. Swati Soni chats with Vikas Bagaria, the founder of PeeSafe – a toilet seat sanitizer spray – about how he is interested in creating safer sanitation options for women in India. Necessity is the mother…
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Fuelling a cleaner India

Read on about Indizel, a revolutionary biofuel. Have dreams that don’t let you sleep - a motto that has helped Santosh Verma, the owner of ‘My Eco Energy’ and the inventor of Indizel, fuel his dreams of innovation and fight for environment protection. Indizel, a revolutionary biofuel, mitigates the harmful effect of ordinary diesel on…
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Once upon a time in a startup

Do you know Apple, Google, and HP and even Disney had their first studio opened in a garage? Companies like RedBus, Flipkart, Urban Ladder too have been operating on a small scale. Read on for more on the history... Swati Soni explores the world of storytelling sessions, which has inspired many startups to carve their…
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Sanjay Enishetty: Fueling Entrepreneurship

Undeniably, money still remains the catalyst. How? Read on... 50K Ventures is a network of HNIs, accredited investors, and accomplished mentors, who are willing to contribute to the startup ecosystem at the national and the global level. Find out more as Swati Soni converses with Sanjay Enishetty, the founder of 50K Ventures. The birth of 50K…
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