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The Road Not Taken or the ‘WrongRoute’?

When the political discourse of the country is increasingly getting divided between right and left, here is presenting you with something 'Wrong', which establishes itself to be delightfully right! This duo from Kolkata took Robert Frost very seriously and picked the 'WrongRoute' or as the poet says “The Road Not Taken”, and that indeed ‘has…
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And now Balakrishnan’s DefMart in news!

 Four ex-armymen - Major Biju Balakrishnan, Lt Gen Sudhir Sharma (Retd), Col Sudhir Kumar (Retd), and S M Kumar - co-promoted a company built on the merits of Indian Army. A Special Forces veteran, alumnus of IIM-Calcutta, Biju is the driver of DefMart. Creator of brands like "UrjaKendra", Solider, Xplorerand Solenco, Biju, an engineer, he…
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Bollywood launches its first ever startup

  It might be the best of things or the worst of things but when it comes to anything related with Bollywood- Indians just can’t miss it. No wonder then that Wingman Talent and Razr Media’s coming together to launch India’s first Bollywood startup invites in a lot of hype and hoopla. While Wingman Talent…
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