Kids may soon go bagless! Thanks to E-Class.

Learning could be fun too, for kids

Being a second generation entrepreneur definitely has its advantages. For Hardik Shah, founder and director, E-Class Education Systems, it has been a learning experience. Being a part of the family-run business taught him many things. It gave him a strong foundation in understanding how a business works.  

His family business, Sundaram Multi Pap is into paper stationary. But Shah’s passion is education and using technology to teach students in a better way. In a chat with Larry Bradley, he shares his vision for E-class. And how he is making learning fun for students.

Tackling challenges: Exploring a new domain or business is always challenging but exciting at the same time. It means new people to deal with and new companies to partner with. All of it has contributed to what the company is today.

The biggest challenge faced was awareness and lack of basic technology. Awareness is still a major concern. Students and parents are still not up to the idea of digital teaching aids. Upgrading technology in the beginning of the decade was also a challenge.

Making learning fun

We have introduced various educational products for the students. With the help of technology, a black and white textbook can come to life. Students generally have to study from the textbooks. We have made these textbooks and chapters into engaging videos explaining each concept in detail. Just like watching a movie, they can now sit back and learn.


Hardik Shah

Focus on innovation: Our delivery patterns are very unique as we provide educational content offline and online. India still has a problem of internet penetration. Due to this we have developed an offline player which can run via a pen-drive. We also have memory cards to power any android device with world-class education content.

Going bagless: A child can study on his mobile, at home on his TV, on his laptop or even his tablet. Our technology has successfully outdated the prevalent learning methods. We develop technology enabled platforms that leave a stronger imprint on the young minds. A simple pen drive or memory card can provide complete educational content.

The business modelWe give our content on subscription basis to schools and students. We sell our pen drives and memory cards with content. Recently we have launched our educational courses app Edzam and have started generating revenue from it. Today E-class covers over 600 schools and lakhs of students benefit.

Social development initiative: Many companies use their CSR budgets to help schools and provide them with better facilities. We help them use their funds effectively by empowering schools with digital classrooms and content. Covering many schools with the help of CSR funds. Providing digital education solutions to interior schools of Maharashtra. LnT, RPG, Rotary are a few organisations who we actively work with. We cater to the learning needs of school students of classes 1-10 of Maharashtra State board. We plan to soon expand to other boards.

Nelson Mandela has famously said, “Education is the most powerful weapon, to change the world.” Shah is doing his bit in his own way.

Given a chance, how would you like to change the way education industry in India? Do share your views.



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