How to date as a new entrepreneur !

Enlighten, entertain and excite your date with these top secrets

Meghna Maiti

Entrepreneurship is like a chronic disease, like a sore in the belly, a sense of dissonance or restlessness that pricks one constantly. All of a sudden, life becomes very unpredictable, at times flooded with bright beams of golden sunrays and at times, covered by a pall of darkness. What could ensure a steady stream of colours into an entrepreneur’s life? What gives that much-needed respite? A romantic partner, of course. But, who would willingly want to step into a rickety boat? Unless one has his strategies in place, this could turn into a bit of an emotionally risky proposition.

So, here are some tips for entrepreneurs looking to date:

-Look for someone with flexible work hours: Entrepreneurs perennially live on the edge- shuffling from one assignment to the other. So, if your partner is like a school headmistress, with her time piece always by her bedside, think again. Time follows you in your case- its not the other way round. 

-Someone who reads a lot: An entrepreneur is a life-long learner and invests in knowledge. If you meet someone who equally loves books, you could have interesting conversations with her. This would fill your life with a sense of wonder too.

-Adventurous and risk-takers: Take for instance its a Tuesday night and you ask your partner out on a sudden short trip to Panchgani, for two days. If he/she gets excited about this and joins you, it shows an adventurous spirit. And you could count on this person for all ups and downs of you life and take her as a constant companion for all your crazy trips.

-Spontaneity and sense-of-humour: Entrepreneurs swear by spontaneity and sense of humour as this keeps them high during low phases. Your partner's numerous wisecracks and jokes could lift up your jaded spirits.

Social & bubbly: For you both to transform your life into a long, hard party your partner should also love people as much as you do. Only then, he/she would be interested in entertaining people. Also, a social person would help you find the perfect match! With the investor, da!

-Willing to dutch: You would not want  a clingy, weak person in your life, forever leaning on your shoulder for support. A willingness to pay for oneself reveals a person with an independent bent of mind, like entrepreneurs are. You could always depend on her too then, at times of your crisis.

- Dreams big: Dreams are what entrepreneurs are made of. And you surely need that specific energy in your life- who is equally ambitious and a go-getter. That person would inspire you to achieve your dream too. 

-Loves animals and respects the poor: A sympathetic eye on a sleeping puppy at the corner of a restaurant or a cuddling gesture to a little kitten somewhere reveals a compassionate, kindred soul. Such a person would respect your choices and support you all through! Also, a respect for the poor and the underprivileged reveals a lot about an individual. You could totally go for this person!

What successful strategies have you applied to hit a jackpot date? Please share your views.

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