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Defining Branding

By Satish Raju, Founder & Director – Guru Media Entertainment Group of Companies. The world of start ups is all about being cooler these days. Fancy coined words, elaborate imagery and flaunting functions. This article is to stay rooted, working on the basics of "getting noticed" in an over crowded informative world.  A brand that stood out for…
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Smart Ways To Deal With Your Co-founder

Working with a co-founder requires some patience. Read this! Research in failed start-ups show that 62% of all start-ups fail due to co-founder conflict! When a startup is riding the wave of success, it usually covers up the conflict. However, it’s only when the going gets tough do the basic differences underneath start showing up.…
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By Satish Raju, Founder & Director, Guru Media And Entertainment Group Of Companies. So, you have decided to start your own enterprise. An idea or venture that you feel the market has been waiting for. You have a business plan that run to more than 20 to 30 pages. A powerpoint with all those fancy…
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