'Tiger Global'Launches Its New Fund 'Tiger Global Private Investment Partner
'Zomato' Acquires Food Startup 'TongueStun' for $18 Mn
'I Squared Capital'Raises $7 Bn For a new Infrastructure Fund
Payments Solution Company 'Razorpay' Plans to Enter the Startup Space
'Amazon' Joins 'Apple' in $1 Trillion Valuation Club>

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What Could be the Ideal Time for Your Exit?

Walking into the shoes of an entrepreneur; undoubtedly, the ‘E-word’ must have struck you quite often. Let’s explore what an exit means to a start up... Exit strategies in startup funding are quite often misunderstood. Startups in search of angel investors or venture capital (VC), very much need an exit strategy, as investors would require it. Startups who are bootstrapped, or don’t have any…
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How to start an insanely successful STARTUP?

Here’s the By Samit Samant, Account Head, Life Guru. This is probably one of the hottest topics, I have come across in recent times. So, be it during client meetings, bachelor parties or family vacations, practically everyone has a secret plan for their own successful STARTUP... Everyone has a superb idea and a brilliant business…
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New Twist in the Startup Galaxy!

Flipkart co-founder Sachin Bansal roots for Differential Voting Rights (DVR) in India. More, when you scroll down! It is literally flooding dollars in Bengaluru – the Silicon Valley of India. The recent comment by ex-Flipkart co-founder Sachin Bansal definitely adds to the flood. As per Bansal, the implementation of ‘Differential Voting Rights’ (DVR) in the…
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Just Dial a Millennial!

Millennials have been contributing extensively in the startup space. Scroll down to read about their achievements… Each time you google the term ‘startup’, you would get to see new discoveries everywhere. Someone sitting in the darkest corner of his room, has designed a new search engine, or perhaps manufactured a special chair that helps a…
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