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Younpreneurs Nail It Hard In Youngistan!

Celebrating the Spirit Of Youngpreneurship… Over the days, I Am An Entrepreneur has featured many a youngpreneurs. Some of them were from the IITs, while some had taken the plunge into entrepreneurship at the early age of 15. A few had walked away from job interviews, while some had left their studies to embark on…
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Defining An Entrepreneur

The qualities of an entrepreneur are innumerable. We tried to break down a little more. Hope you could relate to the Gif below. Let us know how you like it! [video width="2560" height="1440" mp4=""][/video]
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B2B startups take note! If you are crazily funded start up like the 0.1% of start-ups out there then this post is not for you and please stop right here! But if you are like those 99%+ of entrepreneurs who have to bootstrap with self-funding or with less than 50L to 1 Cr of initial…
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