5 Digital Marketing Trends Every Startup Should Know

In order to survive in business, it is essential that you adopt to the latest trends.

With the increase in technology, marketing and advertising efforts have increasingly become digital. Brands reach their customers through websites, social media, blog posts, video content, text messaging and other channels. But the challenge is not staying in the market, but moving ahead of the curve.

Here are some ways you could cope up with the latest trends in the market.

  • Live Videos

Live video has been streaming in the market for quite some time and is everywhere. From Youtube to Instagram to Facebook, more and more social platforms are providing users the tools to broadcast on live stream at any given moment. Live videos give you the power to engage with viewers in real time, making it perfect medium to answer questions viewers and customers might have.

  • Instagram Stories Poll

Instagram stories enable users to share 15 second posts in the form of videos or photos on their Instagram accounts. This is a great way to show ‘Behind the Scenes’ content. You get to know a lot of things like whether your business is debating on a new flavour, or perhaps what time of the day should you broadcast your content. This is also a commendable way to gain more engagement, because not too brands are harnessing these tools yet.

  • IGTV

If you noticed, Instagram recently launched a TV section on their app that allows brands and influencers to create longer content, than what is possible in stories. They encourage users to create vertical video content, quite similar to the stories format. Here, the video can be produced up to 10 minutes. Verified users, however can create videos up to 60 minutes, using the platform.

  • Bot-Assisted Customer Relations

Once creative customer relations, marketing and web development companies have sought the help of chatbots to assist customers from simple questions to completing sales. Investment in chatbots has allowed companies to refocus their employees’ time on more valuable tasks. This boosts customer satisfaction, engagement and loyalty. Customers no longer feel unimportant and unattended.

  • Voice Marketing

Research says that around 40 percent of the world use voice search each day. Data suggests that the voice recognition industry will cross $40 billion mark by 2022. Entrepreneurs should note this development, as voice based searches are a bit different from text based messages. Voice searches give brands a means to reach out to their desired audiences like never before.

Hope you found tips helpful for your daily hustle. More when we meet.



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