Video Games Entrepreneurs Should Play

It’s #VideoGamesDay today and we've picked few video games for you.  We know you are busy but we aren’t asking you to play them simply for the fun of it! There are numerous lessons you can learn from these video games ranging from time management to finding solutions around you.


1. Dark Souls –

There are going to be failures, but failure is a friend you should embrace to reach success. Dark Souls keeps taunting the player saying “You died” for each failure he has in the game to reinforce that you have to keep coming back up. Overcoming failure is what keeps players hooked on to it.


2. Minecraft –

We’ve all had days when the constraint of resources is the only reason we aren’t meeting our goals. Minecraft teaches the players to be innovative. When you are without any resources but have to find a solution for your survival, you have to do something! There are times the player has to chop trees with his bare hands to have a roof above his head  and others where he has to gather food for his sustenance. Try harder mate!


3. Animal Crossing –

As an entrepreneur managing your time is definitely crucial. You can’t leave a task undone and blame it on time. The more time you waste, the more mess is created. There’s a lot to handle in Animal Crossing from relationships to debts and if everything isn’t solved in time, the player’s progress deteriorates. Stop crying, there is no time left!


4. SimCity-

Startups face a cash crunch at least once during their lifetime. The easiest way to survive this is by taking a loan but this loan comes at a cost. The money should be used wisely and at places which give returns over and above the repayment (interest). In SimCity, going into debt can end your game. SimCity teaches you to be very careful when you are taking a loan. Don't let your game end so soon!


5. Limbo -

Problems is an everyday thing for all startups. Sometimes solutions are readily available but other times we just cannot find it. These problems can be solved easily by looking around your surroundings and going through some hustle. Just like in Limbo, you face many problems that, if not handled, you are bound to die.


There is so much more left to learn and learning a bit from video games caused no one no harm!

Hope you enjoyed this one and are planning to play these games!

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