‘Creator’s Gurukul’ plans a pan-India presence

Co-working space- Could it be co-living too?

“Parampara, Pratisthan, Anushasan. Yeh iss gurukul ke teen stambh hai"...Who could forget this famous dialogue by Big B in Mohabbatein? Something similar must have struck entrepreneur duo Mohammed Sirajuddin and Abhinav Tandon at some point in time.

‘Creators Gurukul’ is a co-working platform that solely believes in Creating, Collaborating and CoWorking. With a head start from Gurgaon, the team aims to spread their wings to at least five more countries. With cricketer Yuvraj Singh aboard, these entrepreneurs aim to give a glimpse of the ancient Gurukul system in the country.

Taking about their long-term dreams, Abhinav Tandon, co-creator, Creator’s Gurukul, shares his bit with Gairika Mitra. Scroll down!

The inception

I have been associated with the startup space for quite some time now.  Being a charter member in leading groups like TiE and The India Network, I always had this urge of contributing vividly with the ‘Make In India’ and ‘Start up India’ vibe.

I wanted to achieve this by introducing global best practices blended with Indian innovations advantages. Both Sirajuddin and I felt a common need to convert India into a job creations economy from a job seeking one.

There has been a marked difference between India a few years ago and now. She has been a hub of innovation and experience. But somewhere down the line, the concept of co-living, rather operating under the same roof was missing. By this I mean the concept of co-working spaces. Though operational in quite a few places in the country, yet it hasn’t reached an amazing figure till now. ‘Creator’s Gurukul’ aims to both refine and redefine the concept of co-working spaces in India.

Branches so far

We are kick-starting with Gurgaon and are coming up with new centres sooner in Delhi, Goa, Bengaluru and Hyderabad. Mostly want to spread our wings in cities where the concept of co-working spaces isn’t that popular. Mangalore is a vivid option for us as well.

The unique factor

Creator's Gurukul

The Duo In Full Force

Complying to the name, we thought of incorporating traditionalism with modernity. We are designing our new venture with a greenish touch. Something that’s soothing before the eyes, lively and bubbly. We want to develop a work culture that will reflect happiness and brightness among the employees working. Talking of beverages, tea is considered a traditional drink and we would be serving tea as a hot drink.

Taking that ahead, we are likely to introduce some scholarship and mentorship programs designed exclusively for entrepreneurs. We have plans to develop an app as well.

The Financial Perspective

We started off as a bootstrapped company initially. Our firm has seen investments from Yuvraj Singh off late. He is an icon of living, inspiring and fighting back. He has come on board as a partner and brand ambassador as well. Gurukul is also backed by prominent faces like Shabir Momin, Anubhav Kaul, and Jasmeet Singh.

We are looking forward to establishing a 75 per cent-75 per cent model. We want all the companies to be profitable enough in less than 75 days of their occupancy.

Plans Ahead

We are in plans to incorporate co-living spaces as well for the people who would be working in the co-working space. We aim to establish ourselves in every nook and corner of the country. India is a nation where people are actually hungry for co-working spaces. We would like to take this forward and gradually gain an omnipresence.

With the concept of co-working spaces slowly acquiring momentum in India, do you think the startup sphere has a brighter future?

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