Entrepreneurship: Is it all about fighting odds?

Here’s why Vijay is an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship- is the word overburdened somehow? Jostling through the odds, continuous hustle and initial struggles. Well, on the positive front, entrepreneurship is perhaps the only thing one wants to bank on. Gen Y seems to top the list, a lot of them would speak likewise.

Well can we take a little peek behind the scenes? Truly speaking, the journey of an entrepreneur is lot more than a cakewalk. Not blessed with a 9 to 5 job, neither high praises from investors(if there is one) are a daily routine.

Here’s the story of one such entrepreneur, who takes us through his days of highs and lows.

Meet Vijay Chandrawat, Co-founder, Twenty Two Motors. His enterprise currently has raised $1.6 million pre-series A funding. Talking to Gairika Mitra, Chandrawat take us through his moments of success, crests and troughs. The story unfolds…

The First Dive

A Computer Science and Engineering Graduate from IIT Delhi, I kickstarted my first venture with as a Software Developer and Manager Operations. I worked with an enterprise called ‘Immediance India Pvt. Ltd’. Post that had earned a lot of expertise with big firms like Futures First and PwC India.

After that, I got an opportunity to work with the Rajasthan Government as a program manager. There I was responsible for initiation, planning execution and closing of Rajasthan UID Project for over 3.5 years.

The First Step Towards Entrepreneurship

After serving the industry for many years, I realised that I had much to give back to the society. And probably do something that could perhaps bring out the underlying creative person within me.

Thereafter, I took the first leap with ‘Bhejjo’- an on demand courier service. It would be available through phone, web and mobile app. I thought of simplifying the process of courier services. We had equipped bikers who would take on the process of delivery. ‘Bhejjo’ was just a phone call away.

It was entirely a bootstrapped venture and was doing quite well initially. However, as the days rolled by, it became difficult for us to survive in the market. After operating for six months, I had to close the venture, due to insufficient funding.

Birth Of PepperTap

This was such a phase of my life when the entrepreneurial spirit had taken me over completely. Whenever I looked at myself in the mirror, I could spot a learner, a creator, a muti-tasker.

Imaging myself as a multifaceted personality, I paced towards my second venture. Walking down the lanes in business, I gained an experience that capital is not a barrier, if the proper business model is identified.

My new role was that of a Regional Business Head. I was entrusted with establishing and expanding online grocery service to major cities in Rajasthan. PepperTap did perform excellently in the first few months. However, we received a huge setback when there the funds were not enough.

Smelling a sense of insecurity around my venture, and finally had to part away with it.

Hiccups Post PepperTap

This phase was an acid test for me, as nothing was actually working out. I got a few offers yet none of them seemed appealing to me. Identifying the right organisation seemed like a big challenge.

It had taken a almost a year for me to identify my dream venture. Then one fine day myself and Parveen(CEO and co-founder, Twenty Two Motors) decided to give a common shape to our dreams and the ball has been rolling since.

Twenty Two Motors

Twenty Two Motors aims to change the urban commutation landscape by providing powerful smart vehicles to generation next. By that we mean to simplify the process of driving. We cater to developing Electric Vehicles(EVs). EVs ensure a smooth, pollution free and a jerk free ride on the road.

The best part of our business is that our vehicles are equipped with a GPS tracker. We try to ensure that our customers do not face any problem on the road, we are designing an app to help our customers more.

Our intention is to offer a range of 60 km/hr. Every time our customers cross 50 km, we drop them a message. Currently, we are operating two wheelers only, and shall extend to four wheelers soon.

Before Signing Off

There has been no looking back ever since we launched Twenty Two Motors. This is the 21st century, and we aim to be popular by the 22nd century. Taking off track, the life of an entrepreneur isn’t really easy, but if there is the spark within you, there’s no stopping.

Did you ever feel the entrepreneurial call within you ever? Please share with us.



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