This IIT-an declined high profile jobs for ‘Adloid’!

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His exotic designing skill has been attracting huge praises from all across, ever since his early boyhood days. He first received recognition for a design competition back in his seventh standard in school. This was probably the stepping stone to the galaxy of entrepreneurship for this 23-year old IIT-an.

This creative heart could think of pursuing only entrepreneurship and nothing else. And he is now the CEO of Adloid- a platform for Augmented Reality- thanks to his indomitable spirit, confidence and efficiency.

Meet Kanav Singla- an IIT Delhi alumnus and currently the CEO of Adloid. Five years down the line, he dreams to be the software giant in India. Talking to Gairika Mitra, he discusses his first venture, the entrepreneur within him and how he declined sitting for the campus interview at IIT.

From Student Kanav

Being an entrepreneur has always been a dream of mine. Let me talk of my entrepreneurial expedition, in detail. I always had a knack for designing and doodling and my talent finally saw the light of the day when this competition was arranged by school. I gained a lot of approval from my friends and classmates and that was a red letter day to me.

The Stepping Stone

The seeds of entrepreneurship were sown in me since a long time. And this had started gaining ground during my graduation days back in IIT. It was my first venture as an entrepreneur and we had named it as Banana Media. We catered to students from 12 to 25 years and specialised in advertising in B2B companies.

Banana received a lot of validation from the masses. We were often pinged by a lot of influential people from the industry. We had seen some good amount of profit in the initial days. However, due to various reasons like a lack of proper manpower and expertise we couldn’t see a huge success.

You could say that was the sad ending to my venture. Being in the 4th year of college, I faced a lot of pressure in studies and career too. One of my friends, who was also a key contributor to the team too backed off. The company had to be closed down, thereafter.

Journey towards Adloid

I always saw myself as my boss and someone not suited for a nine to five job. Soon enough we thought of doing something worthwhile in the digital space. Thus the idea of Augmented Reality (AR) struck us and I plunged in without thinking twice. Our vision has been to create the most engaging discovery platform.


Kanav Singla

We are the enablers of Augmented Reality with core technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI). Catering to industries such as furniture, real estate, lifestyle, gaming, gifting and home decor, Adloid aims for the highest.

We are currently a bootstrapped venture. However, five years down the line we hope to get  investments from the likes of Google and Apple. Over the days we have received a wonderful response from the mob and are currently working with IKEA India and are developing unique AR experiences in mobile web platform.

Achievements by Adloid

Adloid has seen an enormous response from its clients as already mentioned. Recently, it has also made it to the list of the Top 10 finalists in an event called Conquest 2017. Conquest is organized by Indian technology and business institute BITS Pilani. The jury includes eminent people from organisations like Big Basket, Zomato, and Flipkart.

I also owe a lot to Mohil Malik, my mentor and the current CTO of my company. Malik has taken certain decisions that has saved the company a number of times when things seemed almost impossible.

The Road Ahead

At a time when the entire globe has taken to digitization, the demand for AI, AR and VR will be at its peak. Team Adloid is full of ambitious people who are confident enough to become one of the most powerful companies within five years.

Before signing off, Kanav has a piece of advice for his fellow, rather budding entrepreneurs.

The life of an entrepreneur isn’t that easy. There are highs and lows. But trust me, it isn’t that bad. Don’t listen to what others have to say, once you identify your choice, just go for it.”

With the digital bug hitting hard, do you think startups like Adloid would go down a glamorous path?

Do let us know.

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