This lad’s startup idea bags an award from President’s office

This 16-year old youngpreneur has developed a search engine that aims to compete with biggies like Google.

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“It’s not about making ideas; it’s about making ideas happen” – Scott Belsky. 16-year old Abhik Saha realised this pretty early in life. This lad had the seeds of entrepreneurship sowed in him since his early boyhood.

At the age of 14, he had developed eight apps. But the thirst for doing something more, kept driving him crazy. A year later, he developed an elaborate search engine called Recently, Saha and his team bagged the Gandhian Young Innovation Award (GYATI) from the office of the President.

Speaking to Gairika Mitra, team Origgon narrate the experience behind their victory. Edited excerpts:

Call From Delhi is a search engine that provides a personalised search. It has received the award for the best social search engine that helps people find better results. Partner Alliance Manager of Origgon, Harshit Jain says, “It’s really a moment of elation for us. We feel extremely delighted to receive the honour from the President. We are also exploring various opportunities with the Government of Gujarat and are expecting positive results soon.”

Numbers Speak

Origgon had kick-started last October. Till today, there has been a massive increase in numbers on the platform. It has over 1500 android and IOS users pan India currently.

Origgon has also received an overwhelming response from Russia, and have been promoted by the Indian embassy in Switzerland.

Days Ahead

Team Origgon wants to attract about a million users from India and then expand on a global scale. Right now, they are more focussed on developing the search engine and giving a new look to the website. Before signing off, Abhik Saha, founder, Origgon says that with such a hardworking and efficient team, the day isn’t far enough when Origgon would be the leading search engine of the world.

Entrepreneurship is all about the spark. Be a doer and keep the fire burning folks!

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