Finally, There Is A Man Who Understands Women

Only 21, and out to solve every woman’s hygiene issue!

Son of a banker, Sobhan is ready to bunk his university lectures and help out women during the five days of their periods. This 21year old student had spent his pocket money to stock sanitary napkins in the public toilets. What’s more amazing is that he had used discarded ice-cream boxes to store the napkins, so that they don’t get damaged with impurities from the air.

Sobhan Mukherjee

Box containing napkins

Arunachalam Murugunatham or the ‘Padman’ has already made headlines for his incredible work. His mini machines manufacture less than a third of the cost of the pads available in the market. Installed in 23 out of 29 states, he now plans to spread his initiative across 106 nations.

Padman From Kolkata

While this is an incredible initiative, Kolkata-based Sobhan Mukherjee has taken a step ahead. Even though he is a man, he could anticipate the problems women face if they get their periods all of a sudden. They have to face a lot of difficulties while on the streets. This thought kept ringing in his ears until one day he decided to nail it in.

The Successful Brother

He has shared his contact with the locals and his cell rings each time there is a problem. They don’t forget to congratulate him as well. Like last week he had stocked 12 boxes of napkins in a toilet and it was empty in two days.

Initially, Mukherjee provided the napkins for free, however to sustain in the market, he charges a nominal amount of Rs.2 each. This was also to ensure that women don’t misuse.

Till now he has installed sanitary napkin boxes in 12 public toilets and wishes to elevate in numbers soon.

The Path Ahead

Last August, he had constructed a public toilet for the transgenders and named it Tridhara, where Tri means trio and dhara means flow of power. Coincidentally, the sanitary napkin project too took off a day before Bhai Dooj.

Sobhan Mukherjee

The Man

When asked about his upcoming plans, an elated Sobhan says, “I want to change the mentalities of people. Women should not be considered unholy during their periods, and males should not make a mockery out of it…”

He wants to allocate responsibilities among others in other localities, the state and the whole country. He says, “As a society, males should come forward and take initiatives to support this kind of a cause.”

This initiative by this student is really praiseworthy. A little more awareness could change the nation.

Show your support for India’s brother by spreading awareness…Unconventional heroes like him need your support…


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