MD, Priya Ent: I Am An Entrepreneur

The declaration of an entrepreneur

Though my family was always into business, I worked with GEC for four years. During this time my mom insisted me to know the office environment. I went through the process of secretarial work, finance, marketing as a management trainee. I understood what was required in an office environment, its rules and regulations. The concept of getting used to one room and one desk is extremely important. The experience gained in these formative years was priceless. After this I did not have any choice but to join my family business.

My mother inspired and mentored me. I must also acknowledge Uday Singh, Managing Director of Columbia Tristar and Sony Pictures. Singh shaped my views on marketing of films. In fact, we initiated marketing of films in India. The push, idea creations, the changes that we made, most of this came from him.

As the only son in the family in my generation the responsibility fell on me to take forward the lineage and mantle of Priya Cinema and Piyali Films. I was all too aware of the great responsibility and heritage of the brand Priya and hence humbly took on my responsibilities.

Work passion and interest should merge

 The journey has been a fabulous ride so far. It has been in my DNA to charter new territories, conquer new peaks, look for fresh pastures and create new avenues. I work hard with a lot of passion and zeal and take decisions based on what my heart beats for. Hence, mostly I am blessed with success.

My latest venture Khairabera Eco adventure tourism at Purulia is something Eastern India has never seen before. This shall open new vistas in horizon of tourism industry in the east. The tourism venture is surely eastern India's first ever. Being fond of wildlife, nature, visiting forests (I keep travelling), this personal interest helped and the rest was part of work, part of passion and part of interest. Apart from Priya and Bioscope brand of cinema halls my latest forays have been hospitality with the setting up of Vault Lounge Bar, Burnt Garlic at Priya. We are opening up Vault at Durgapur (it is ready), also planning to open one in North Bengal.  So it is on an expansion mode.

Always striven to be multifaceted 

I am enjoying myself to the hilt. Very lucky are those who could actually mix business and pleasure and passion. I have dabbled in acting successfully. Being a nature lover my latest foray into eco tourism is like living a dream. The biggest take away for me has been that I have enjoyed whatever I have done. I have lived up to every decision that I have taken as an entrepreneur. I have worked very hard to attain success as an entrepreneur. My mindset has remained positive and that of a winner.  

I have never been uni-dimensional but always striven to be multifaceted.  Being uni-dimensional makes one very boring and one then only restricts oneself to that aspect. Proper education shapes one's character. I have been blessed with best grooming to actually channelize that to successful entrepreneurial skills. Enjoyment, passion, interest was there and all put together I did everything. Yes, I had one advantage in my corporate structure. If I wanted to do something and different, I always got moral support.

Miles to go before I sleep

 My full focus shall be on Eco Adventure Tourism which is already on an expansion mode. Within less than a year of its opening it received some fabulous response and feedback from our patrons. But there are a lot of systemic inputs that have to be made and my focus shall remain there. The other aspect of hospitality industry that we are presently engaged in form of Burnt Garlic, Vault shall also take up a lot my future planning.  Also my immediate plans of acting too remain in my bucket list as some interesting offers are being discussed. Finally, PRIYA, the iconic theatre, is always being modernized to keep pace with times and that too remains a priority. "The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep."

Why do you call yourself an entrepreneur? Do share your story.





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