A multiplex ticket at the cost of Rs. 35?

Picture Time Digiplex - the world's first mobile digital movie theatre, is all set to redefine the  multiplex culture in India. They intend to cater to the rural mob, where the price of a ticket would be available for Rs.35. Talking to Riya Rai and Gairika Mitra, founder and CEO, Sushil Chaudhury, and movie director Satish Kaushik tell us about their innovative project. Some edited excerpts...

The Germination

Hailing from a small town, Sushil could decipher the fact that entertainment options were  limited in the rural areas and Tier II, Tier III cities. With improvements in technology, the rural economy is growing at a rapid pace, and it deserves better options in entertainment too, felt Sushil. This was when the idea of Picture Time cropped up.

Actor-director-producer Satish Kaushik shares the passion of Sushil Chaudhury, to take cinema to rural areas. His company, The Satish Kaushik Entertainment has taken charge to promote Picture Time in north Indian states like Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan.


Picture Time works as any digital multiplex theatre, except for the fact that it is portable. The entire process of setting up and dismantling the theatre takes less than 5 hours. Once the inflatable theater restores its position, it's alike any other multiplex theater in India. The theatres are fully air-conditioned, fire proof, weather proof with live chat function, that can accommodate about 150 people .

Adding to the points, Satish Kushik says, "It is not just cinema we would cater to. This theatre can used be used for various social and educational programs as well. Picture Time is a multipurpose project that serves different genres.


Picture Time has raised Rs.25 crore in Pre-Series A funding. They had invested an amount of Rs. 5 crore earlier when they started off.

They wish to achieve a revenue of Rs.50 crore in this financial year.

Days Ahead

Picture Time aims to build 120 digiplexes by the end of this financial year. Their long term vision is to build 3000 digiplexes across India. "We intend to develop this company into a good, value-based one and once the target is raised, we would do an IPO," concludes Chaudhury.

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