‘Qriyo’ Gets You a Tutor in 3 Hours

This ed-tech startup gets consumers their desired tutor at the click of a mouse!

India’s first managed home-tuition app Qriyo makes sure one gets a tutor within 3 hours of signing in with the site. Today, their business has attracted top investors from across the globe. It was the growing need for yoga that helped develop the duo into able entrepreneurs today.

Here’s their tale in a snapshot:

The Start

Founder Mudit Jain desperately wanted to get himself enrolled into a yoga course. Unfortunately, the web gave him very limited options. While some cropped up with contact numbers, others demanded a hefty sum.

Jain wanted to bridge this gap, and built Qriyo, a learning platform providing more than 400 courses in academics, co-curricular and fitness activities.

What’s Unique

“Qriyo is India’s first managed home-tuition app where you get a tutor within 3 hours. While there are other players in the market indulging in a similar business model, ours is a much easier and protected process. The users’ information is kept confidential for safety concerns. A consumer visiting our site has to follow a simple procedure of filling up a form, providing basic reference like age, job preferences, etc.”, says Rishabh Jain, co-founder, Qriyo.

Revenue Model and Funding

The revenue model of the platform is based on commission. It takes a certain percentage from tutors, based on the course fee.

They initially started off as a bootstrapped venture and have received the first round of funding from UAE-based firms; Idein Ventures, NB Ventures, and a grant of 50 lakhs from the Government of Rajasthan.

The Value of Yoga

Qriyo has over 500 yoga teachers aboard and 20 percent of their revenue is generated through yoga classes. “We specialise in providing efficient personal yoga trainers. We have conducted over a thousand yoga classes till date, with 1 lakh hours of learning”, says Jain.

For the Wannapreneurs

“For any organisation to thrive, it’s very essential to understand its audience and ensure quality. Quality of service is the key”, concludes Rishabh.

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