What if ‘Robots’ Were Your Class Teacher?

This startup deals with robots to make learning easier and faster. Scroll down!

Mumbai-based startup ‘RoboKart’ is the creator of the Robokart Learning Programmes (RLPs), with an aim to make the learning of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEM) concepts, an engaging and fun-filled experience. Sharing their journey so far, founders, Chaitali and Ritesh Shah tell us how they are striving to become the one-stop solution for robotics in India. Edited excerpts:

Tell us how the entrepreneurial bug hit the both of you and why did you plan to start RoboKart?


The Founders

We always had the craving for starting something on our own, more so with an engineering degree in hand. We excelled in teaching robotics to the juniors of our college and received quite a decent feedback from them. That’s when we decided to be more professional with our approach. Thus, Robotics was born with a mission to provide learners a much better and easy opportunity to learn. It’s much flexible for students to adapt chapters from their text books, as robotics is completely a practical method.

Our journey kickstarted with 5 students in a small classroom and today are a team of 20 active members.

What is the uniqueness in your startup? Could you highlight any particular feature?

Our products and services offer great way for children to innovate and solve problems, they perceive. We disrupt the traditional way of text book learning and advocate practical learning. Robotics & Electronics with 3D Printing provides a great vertical for children to be innovative and creative.

What kind of investment went into your startup when you first started off? Have the numbers surprised you in the current fiscal?

Initially our investment was a meagre amount of 2 lacs which was used solely for inventory, and setting up our office. We are a bootstrapped venture as of now and are currently finding the right partner to take care of funding.

We had revenues of about 3 crores in the last fiscal, yes the numbers made us happy. Talking about the upcoming days, we see great potential. The requirement of robotics, electronics and 3D printing in education sector have elevated about 10X than the previous year.

What is the audience saying about RoboKart? Could you share some stats?

We've been fortunate to teach some of the brightest brains in the country which includes IIT's, NIT's and deemed universities and best of the government and private schools across India, Dubai, Kuwait and Nepal. Until today, we have trained about 4500+ institutes covering about a lac students and 5000+ teachers.

About 85% of the learners have come back to us asking for more courses and given positive feedback on what was taught. Nothing is more exciting than seeing your products and services being loved and appreciated.

Lastly, where do you see yourself five years down the line?

We wish to generate around 100 cr. in revenue and be a one stop solution provider for Robotics Education in India.

Ed-tech has been gaining ground for quite some time in India.

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