This Startup Aims to Curb Breast Cancer Totally From India!

Priced at Rs.650, ‘MyCliniCare’ aids early detection of breast lumps and lesions with simple, pain-free digital breast screening!

Breast cancer rates are alarming in India. At present, one in 22 women develop breast cancer. To address this major problem, Bengaluru-based health-tech startup ‘MyCliniCare’ – brainchild of Carman Kobza, David Da Silva, and Vinod Raju have come up with an easy and affordable solution to the ones affected.

Talking to Gairika Mitra, Kobza narrates their expedition so far and plans ahead. Edited excerpts:

Tell us how and when you embarked into the journey of entrepreneurship? 

My partners and I come from decades of corporate experience in creating and growing businesses on several continents. Bringing a new business into a new market has been at the heart of our experience and thus the step to launch out digital preventative healthcare business in India was very natural for us.

Why do you think your business would thrive in the Indian climate?

 We are in an environment where Indian ladies and their families are impacted more by breast cancer than any other country in the world. Yet, still only 1 percent of ladies have had a breast examination and far too often stigma and fear prevent the simple preventative steps from occurring.

Could you enlighten us on your business model?

Our business model is based on a ‘MyCliniCARING Rule 40/20/40’.  Awareness, education and framing the importance of prevention in a positive, welcoming light is the first 40%. The other 40% is post screening support and hand holding to how ever close and long is required. And, the 20% in the middle is the simple step in the middle of the digital screening. Our “We Come to You” initiative makes doing the right thing (getting screened) as convenient and affordable than ever before. Thus, our focus on Trust & Absolute Best Efficiency and member satisfaction drives all that we do.

Could you tell us about the process of ‘digital screening?’

All the equipment and devices at MyCliniCare are mobile and cloud connected, which provides the team with access to all screening results and feedback. The product is a hand-held device that resembles a keypad. It is equipped with patented piezoelectric sensors that electro-mechanically palpitate breast tissues. Then readings are interpreted to identify Lumps and Lesions in the breast.


The device and process

What kind of investment went into the venture when you first started the firm? How much are you expecting to reap in this fiscal?

MyCliniCare has been bootstrapped from the start. In late 2017, we received our first outside PE investment from a European/US health fund. We are operational sustainable and growing while seeking a new round of investment to accelerate growth across India and into a few new countries.

Statistics states that most women are unaware of the adverse effects of breast cancer, how does your startup help in making women aware?

 I must say clearly, however, our all-female team of breast health screening specialists are the true “open secret” for the success in sharing our breast health message to more and more ladies. The skills are taught and learned well, but the care, compassion and genuine smile are inside each of our ladies.

What kind of response has 'MyCliniCare' received from the audience? Could you share some statistics?

MyCliniCare has reached to over 30,000 ladies thus far in the past year or so with our education and awareness message. We have now served digital breast screening for over 10,000 ladies.

What are your plans of scaling up? Do you wish to be funded by renowned investors like 'Temasek' 'Sequoia Capital' or 'Accel Partners'?

Our startup is in early stage discussions with several key Indian and international investors and organizations offering grant support. The goal is eliminating needless breast cancer.

Any advice for wannapreneurs?

First, have confidence in yourself and your team. Don’t follow “the script” and respect that speed is your best friend. Rapidly embrace and built upon successes, and rapidly learn from all else. You don’t fail unless you quit. Don’t quit.

Finally, aim at a purpose bigger and more lasting than yourself. Bigger than financial gain. Bigger than ego or status. Aim to make a true and lasting impact in the world.




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