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I’m A Woman

It took Ketki Parekh, a self-made entrepreneur in the therapy and wellbeing space, almost half a decade to be her best self. However, she feels, she could help people gain clearer ‘insights’ to reach there in way lesser time. Let’s find out………

Sometimes life lessons bring out the best in you. For over 35 years, I, Ketki Parekh, have been a homemaker and worked hard to master all the different roles that I played -a mother, wife, daughter or a daughter-in-law. In the process, somewhere I started to lose myself and my identity. Over time, anger grew within me. To get some respite, I enrolled myself for a ‘Teacher’s Training Yoga Course.’ A year after that, I started giving yoga classes and that imparted true meaning to my life.

Though life has been unpredictable for me, my success as a yoga teacher drove me to want more and more out of my life. To motivate my husband, he and I enrolled for an MBA programme at the age of 50 and that again changed my life completely. I realised I could give a lot in a short span of time. And that’s how ‘Insight' ( was born in 2013.

The company trains and coaches both individuals’ and corporates’ at a professional and personal level through a battery of programmes and techniques. Programme is based on the time-compression and metaphoric techniques. We all have problems at various levels, personal or professional. Or most of us carry bag gages of past experiences, that limit us. Also, there are people, who despite possessing all the talents and the skills, are underperforming. An entire life is spent and yet one cannot overcome these challenges. We have created a space wherein we could make changes and one would see remarkable difference even with one session.

I have dealt with clients suffering from psychological issues such as ‘learning disabilities,’ and ‘schizophrenia.’ From corporate to individual clients, our reach is pretty expansive. We instill superior capabilities that impact your life. For instance, I trained and coached around 250 students of Samarth coaching classes, which helped them excel in board exams.

Our esteemed list of clients includes Mafatlal, Tata, HK Diamonds, Anvil Securities, to name a few. We have handled over 500 clients at both individual and corporate levels. The techniques introduced by us help people get over phobias like water and heights. I have also helped people completely get over habits like smoking and alcohol.

I believe one’s professional and personal lives are inter-connected. Our various techniques help us map the problem areas and then accordingly make amends in those specific areas, which could then in turn increase output of the company.

I have personally helped increase production capacity by almost 250 per cent of a production head at HK Diamonds. Our niche also lies in clearing phobias of all kinds. Recently I helped one of the professionals get over aero plane phobia, which was limiting her career. I have also helped students excel in studies and earned faith of their parents as a trusted councilor.

However, the entire credit to my success goes to my team. We are a team of trained professionals who act as catalysts to help individuals unlock their true potential. In the words of Aristotle, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” But, as humans, we have difficulty when it comes to introspection. Hence, we start our sessions with “Drawing Analysis’ wherein we map the mindset of an individual and understand the areas of improvement (fear, anger, loneliness, productivity, concentration, to name a few).

Using a combination of proven techniques, we could then help individuals overcome their weaknesses and enhance their strengths. Once we see the changes we could then teach them various methods to sustain those changes.

I personally feel, life is incomplete without giving back to society and I take sessions regularly with government schools and organizations. Though one of our goals is to surely benefit individuals and corporates, our ultimate destination is to change society and make the world a happier place.

As told to Swati Soni

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