Entrepreneur: I am the God

I am an Entrepreneur- the God!


Meghna Maiti

When do we become a God? Perhaps, when we become a giver from a seeker. In a nation consisting of around 1.3 billion people, plagued with uncertainties and unemployment, the dynamics completely change when a saviour comes in the form of a messiah and provides people with their necessities. And these things include everything such as jobs, housing, education, among others. The recent move by Narendra Modi, our Prime Minister to kick off the ‘Startup India’ campaign intends to foster entrepreneurship and promote innovation by creating an ecosystem is conducive for growth of startups. The objective is that India must become a nation of job creators instead of being a nation of job seekers.

The journey to entrepreneurship is thus about self-exploration, to a great extent. It’s about standing up for yourself and for hundreds others dealing with particular issues. It’s also about realising that ‘God’ within you and connecting with that deeper core that transcends beyond ordinary existence. You could then declare yourself to be ‘God’ or an entrepreneur, a self-starter.

In the process of building a product or an enterprise, whenever a startup founder feels drained, hopeless, one must wake up and declare to the world- “I am an entrepreneur. I am the God.’ This very change in stance completely changes the game for him- 100 per cent.

Do you feel the God within you? Please share your views.



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