Nation’s religious festival fuels environmental activism

Time for green, eco-friendly Ganpati


Meghna Maiti

A religious festival often manages to bring about a sense of awakening. Amidst all the chaos, social or political, we feel the need to aspire for a pure, uncomplicated life. This is further inspired by the great, clay idols of gods and goddesses. Everyone seems to regain faith and purpose in their individual lives.

Any religious festival is only successful to the extent it helps bring together people across classes. Such an occasion spreads around a spirit of bonhomie and warmth. It cuts through the layers of moral decadence and consumerism. No wonder then that a concept like eco-friendly Ganesha for Ganapati festival in Mumbai seems like a unique concept. If not anything else, it would at least divert people’s attention to environment. This could also motivate children to learn about the significance of nature, love and soul.

Green, recyclable Ganeshas could also help control pollution. This change helps prevent major rivers from getting soiled owing to immersion ceremonies.

We have had electric cars, solar car, solar oven, numerous organic food flooded in the market. It’s time we welcome in green gods and goddesses amidst us.

How do you feel about green Ganeshas? Do share your views.



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