Never give up, aspiring entrepreneurs!

Grit is the key to all long-term, great success stories.


Meghna Maiti

The cult of genius is not always magical, rare inborn gifts. It’s often about an ability to overcome one’s inner demons over a period. It’s also about trudging a long, dreary, dark path, mostly in isolation. The virtues accompanying a person on such journeys are often ‘grit,’ ‘perseverance’ and ‘character.’ The measure of one’s personal success stems from an ability to will oneself to do things.

A lot of entrepreneurs across the world on their journeys face difficult tests. They put up with a lot of obstacles including constant failures, family pressures, words of naysayers. A lot of them also put in effort over the years with no result, whatsoever. They see everything that they are doing simply going into the black hole. And then after major struggles with the external world and with their internal selves, they suddenly find themselves succeeding. The statue of fearless girl standing right across the Wall Street Bull statue perhaps embodies all of this. It rightly points out the right attitude and resilience needed to achieve the right goals in the world.

As a lot of philosophers have rightly pointed out, darkness is pre-requisite to light. For a person, destined for bigger things, dark forces often test, mould and shape him up as a person, ready to fight the bigger battles. Such transformations are often called spiritual rebirths, a death of a lesser self and birth of a greater world being, more suited to fit into a universal structure.

In her story, our correspondent, Baishali Mukherjee has written about one such beautiful story about a long duration of darkness, hopelessness and struggle followed by success. Do read it and share your story about struggle, survival and gradual triumph.

Much Love.



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