The ‘O’ in Entrepreneurship

Did you recognize the ‘O’, entrepreneur?

‘Hustler’, ‘Dreamer’, ‘World-changer’ and a lot more. A person quite adept at writing, has to revisit his vocabulary perhaps to pick up the perfect adjective to define an entrepreneur.

Indefinite timelines, high convincing power, long time calls to convince that one client, and what not! We had covered quite a number of founders who had quit their high profile jobs to pursue their thirst for entrepreneurship.

Talk of Jack Ma, one of the richest entrepreneurs in China and Asia. Fortune magazine ranked him second among the World’s 50 Greatest Leaders. Who could think that this tycoon was actually rejected by 30 offices? In an interview, he recalls his days of struggle when he was the only person rejected among a group of 24 in KFC.

Notable Contributors 

The New York Stock Exchange saw the youngest entrepreneur in Thomas Farley. The current President of the NYSE, he says that the root to success is an ‘O’. O for optimism. This is undoubtedly the main driving factor in an individual. Optimism stems from a strong-rooted belief in yourself.

Imagine an IIT-an declining to sit for his campus interview. Imagine his far-sightedness and selfconfidence! Besides being gutsy, it probably requires something more. And that’s the driving spirit within you- this one  alphabet.

Optimism is the key factor behind the secret of entrepreneurship. The road to entrepreneurship is certainly not a bed of roses. There are world leaders across the world who narrate the experiences of their failures and how their long term plans were being rejected by most of the investors.

The saying goes,”Every cloud has a silver lining.” After the periods of darkness and semi-darkness, comes an enlightening phase. A phase that probably changes the whole universe. A change that reunites the unfulfilled dreams somewhere closed in the pages of a diary. A change that tunes in with the chords of the unplayed guitar. And a change that helps you recognize your true self.

What force on earth can deter you, when you know you are the one? To go by the words of Steve Jobs, “Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world usually do.”

While we prepare our next piece on this bit, tell us how do you remain optimistic throughout the day?



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