5 Brilliant Advertising Campaigns to Get Inspired

A startup is not only just about a great product or a great idea. A great product, marketed correctly to the right audience is the core mantra for success for startups today.

It is no surprise that startups spend a lot of time brainstorming the right advertising campaigns for every season.

Here are some of the best advertising campaigns initiated by the Indian startups.

Styletag: Face of courage campaign

Styletag.com initiated its popular 'Face of Courage' campaign that allowed the fashion brand to carve a niche in this highly competitive market space of the fashion world. The startup hired Laxmi Agarwal, an acid attack survivor to model its 'Viva n Diva’ collection. The company also announced a donation of 30% of all revenue generation to a foundation supporting acid attack victims. The campaign not only got popular support but also helped acid attack victims come out from their shell and be part of the mainstream fashion world.


Urban Ladder: The Homecoming movie

Buying online furniture was made popular thanks to the great advertising and marketing campaigns by online retailers like Urban Ladder. The startup initiated a short film titled "The Homecoming" that underlined how fancy homes were more than just high priced furniture. The video garnished more than 900K views on YouTube along which getting viral on social media platforms. The brand got a boost; its presence was enhanced from the 12 cities the brand covered while the viewers connected with the movie at an emotional level. The final result was a win-win situation for all concerned and an impressive brand campaign.


Flipkart: #DoThumbThing Campaign

Flipkart is not only the leader in startup world attracting massive investor sentiment and funding but is also a pioneer when it comes to creating successful advertising campaigns. To create a buzz around its mobile application, Flipkart initiated a #Dothumbthing campaign which went viral and lead to almost 50 million installations of its mobile app. The campaign offered gifts, cash back and vouchers for shopping done on app using the thumb. Tweeting with the hash tag #Dothumbthing made the campaign spread on Twitter and Instagram. Dressing up the thumb for cash incentives and gifts made the campaign very popular with the young and old alike.


Maggi: #NothinglikeMaggi

To come back after the ban on its popular product Maggi, the #Nothinglike Maggi campaign is one of the most successful advertising campaigns in recent times. The TV advertisement, the selection of the jingle to social media campaigns promoting the two minute tagline and people to people bonding meant Maggi was able to retain its market leader space back in no time after the ban.


Ola: #ChaloNiklo campaign

Ola is today one of the most popular cab booking companies thanks to its multiple successful advertising campaigns. The company has been able to retain its leader tag in the business competing against some of the bigger global brands. Ola's #ChaloNiklo campaign seeking users to post pictures on social media platforms made it increase its app following immensely while sustaining the brand value. Ola has been instrumental in coming up with campaigns for various events like IPL season 5 allowing cricket fans to engage online while offering promotional sops.

Advertising campaigns are today the lifeline of a successful startup. Big and small brands all have been able to leverage market success based on successful ad campaigns.

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