9 Reasons Why You Should Quit Your Corporate Job Now

Thinking of starting up your own venture? But aren't convinced to leave your corporate job yet?

We've listed down reasons why you should leave it today and go ahead with starting your own venture!


1. Long and Unnecessary Procedures -

Most of the time is wasted in running around to get simple jobs done!


2. No Voice -

Even when you have a profound one, really!


3. Quacks Get Higher Positions -

And you are sadly forced to flutter!


4. Politics -

When anybody and everybody throws their weight around!


5. Lack of Innovation -

Still sticking to those outdated templates instead of coming up with something distinctive!


6. No Breathing Space  -

It's not okay to take baby steps to get there! No trial and error allowed, no growth!


7. Misleading Instructions -

Incomplete briefs and tasks changing all the time, confuse you what you should do next!


8. Everything is a Secret -

No one tells you what's happening!


9. You are a better Cat! -

You find yourself more capable than the ones you are working with!



If you relate to this and feel you really need to start, Say this loudly!


Starting up your own venture has a lot of struggle and ups and downs too!

But you will have a voice of your own, you will escape the unnecessary procedures and will be able to invest time and effort for what you consider important!

We say if you are really thinking on starting up, Go Ahead!


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