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In the over-saturated world of e-commerce, it helps to build a niche and stick to it. This is what you learn from Gaurav Khatri, co-founder and CEO, Gonoise, an online portal that sells gadgets, gadget accessories and fashion accessories. In a chat with Larry Bradley he talks about things that set his business apart from competition.

Our mission: Our mission is simple- to become the aggressive, innovative, and disruptive force in the field of technology and gadgets. By qualification I am a commercial pilot due to which I got a lot of global exposure. The world is full of creativity when it comes to combining style, fashion, and technology and coming up with ground breaking products. But unfortunately, it wasn’t so in our country. In spite of making advances in the field of technology, there was a gap between the products and their accessibility. Due to lack of infrastructure, high pricing of the product and general unawareness among the people, the products did not reach its target audience. There were no companies who were tapping into this market and from what all I could see there was a definite need for the people to get introduced to new-age, edgy style and technology that would ultimately make their life simple. And, that’s when I decided to introduce the brand Noise and the website Gonoise, through which Noise products could be bought.

Our strengths: We were founded in 2014. Though there are many ecommerce players in the field today, our head-start in this sector has taught us a lot. We know what our customers want and we strive to more than just deliver the product. For us, customer is our top most priority. We want to give them the taste of latest technology without breaking their bank and that’s our USP.

Gaurav Khatri

Gaurav Khatri

As for our fulfillment partnership with Amazon and Flipkart, it has only helped us. Our reach has increased extensively all over the country. With their partnership, we have managed to connect with our audience better.

Our signature brand: As a brand, Noise, our signature smart watch brand is very inclusive and that’s why our range of smart watches suit every pocket. However, it’s the Noise Loop that sets us apart from the crowd. It’s our flagship model that offers the best of both the worlds- Android and iOS. Having been covered in portals like Business World, The Statesman, and the Economic Times – it has received rave reviews for both its pricing and the features it offers and successfully left a lasting impression.

Our plans going ahead: We want to increase our reach further and make it an all-inclusive platform where people from the farthest corner of the country and all economic background are able to access latest fashion, style and technology. Additionally, we have upcoming launches of action camera, smart wallet and smart watches with the longest battery life in India. With more than 1 million wearable and gadget accessories sold till 2016 and as an organization with 40 per cent growth rate year after year, our sight is set on becoming the trailblazer in the field of gadget and gadget accessories.

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