Never Seen Before Startup Lessons From Bollywood

Startups are the sum of experiences they encounter through their lives.
Every startup goes through a different set of struggles and triumphs that shape their life cycles.

Ever thought of startup lessons from Bollywood?

Here you go!


1. Look for an Opportunity

Opportunities come to those who look for them.

Keep your eyes open! If you still can’t find an opportunity, use Baburao’s bifocal glasses!

iamanentrepreneur startup HERA-PHERI-


2. Develop an Idea that Sells

An idea by itself isn’t anything, create something that sells.

Quite like the what the intent (really) of this Dirty Picture dialogue is!

iamanentrepreneur startup the dirty picture


3. Get Yourself Heard

Create a buzz.

Gather an audience and make sure they are listening! Learn from Haider!

iamanentrepreneur startup haider


4. Arrange the Funds

Try approaching VCs, angel investors or bankers!

 If still no luck, go the Sid way! Bootstrap it by asking daddy dearest!

iamanentrepreneur startup wake-up-sid


5. Find a Hand

Get yourself a co-founder who will complement your skill sets!

Even Gabbar couldn't do without Thakur's hands!

iamanentrepreneur startup sholay


6. Build a Team

Form a balanced team with the right mix of resources.

Here's an inspirational quote from Rocket Singh!

iamanentrepreneur startup rocket singh


7. Fight the Competition

Take competition in good spirit.

Or else you will always be left with a heartache. Not the most Chatur-thing to do!

iamanentrepreneur startup 3 idiots


8. Grow

Be culturally relevant and you will grow.

When in Rome be like the Romans.

iamanentrepreneur startup kill-dill-


9. Leave a Mark

People should remember you or no use of the efforts.

Teja taught us that a mark is the most legitimate proof!

iamanentrepreneur startup andaz apna apna


Tell us how you like it, and do come back with some hilarious comments!


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