Amazon workers compete with robots

Amazon creates a Man Vs. Robot ratio

Technological giant Amazon replaces human beings with robots for its work. Author of ‘Rise of the Robots’, Martin Ford says, “It’s certainly true that Amazon would not be able to operate at the costs they have and the costs they provide customers without this automation.”

Here are some of the salient features bulleted:

  • The robots make warehouse work less tedious and physically taxing
  • These ‘human pickers’ follow instructions on computer screens, grabbing items off the shelves and putting them on plastic bins
  • Top Operations Executive Dave Clark says the company wants the machines to perform the most monotonous tasks
  • The robots allow Amazon to pack shelves together like cars in rush hour traffic
  • The most pertinent question is that what will happen when the future generation of robots arrive?

With the impact of AI slowly grabbing the market, do you think people are going to be benefited by this move?

Catch the full version here.

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