AppDynamics’ founder steals the limelight yet again!

Jyoti Bansal, founder of AppDynamics plans to open research centre in Bangalore

Harness, the industry's first Continuous Delivery-as-a-Service platform leveraging artificial intelligence, launched from stealth on Wednesday with $20 million in Series A funding led by Menlo Ventures and BIG Labs, according to a press statement.

Here goes the salient points of the story:

  • Jyoti Bansal, the founder and former CEO of AppDynamics, heads the company as CEO and co-founder just nine months after selling AppDynamics to Cisco for $3.7 billion
  • Bansal is joined by Rishi Singh, former DevOps platform architect at Apple, as chief technology officer (CTO) and co-founder. Harness is the first company spun out of BIG Labs, Bansal's newly launched startup studio
  • Businesses are under unprecedented pressure to deliver new software and technology to users faster than ever, and with zero margin for error
  • Yet current approaches to software delivery remain complicated, highly manual, and risk-prone
  • Continuous delivery — a new software engineering practice that allows development teams to deliver their changes to end-users in hours instead of months — has only been successfully implemented by a handful of companies such as Amazon, Google and Facebook

“At AppDynamics, our customers were happily using our platform to monitor their complex software applications, but almost all of them told me that the process for delivering rapid changes to those applications remained a huge problem," said Harness CEO Jyoti Bansal.

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