Transgenders Find A Ray Of Hope In ‘Third Eye Cafe’

Shunned by the society once, these transgenders are living with dignity today…


People from the LGBTQ community were always subjected to bullying, not only in India, but all over the world. The transgenders have been treated worse. They have mostly been earning their daily bread through begging, prostitution or dancing at parties.

But now, there is a ray of hope for them. The Third Eye Cafe in Vashi, Navi Mumbai is changing the trend by cutting across societal taboos and has hired transgenders as ushers.

A message on their wall reads, ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world.’ Third Eye Cafe, run by Nimesh Shetty, Prasad Shetty and Nitesh Kandarkar aims to employ more such people in the near future. The owners follow a unique interview procedure. Here, the interviewees interview the interviewer. Nimesh Shetty, co-founder, Third Eye Cafe says, "It's an interviewing process where our employees interview us. They have taken my interview and asked me questions on many occasions,” laughs Shetty.

There are six transgender staff working at the cafe, who have been designated as table attendants, manager and kitchen staff. Both, the employers and employees are overwhelmed with the response they have received from the customers so far. It’s exciting to see the acceptance and respect for such an initiative.

These entrepreneurs show us how entrepreneurship is truly about the opportunity to uplift an entire community. I Am An Entrepreneur salutes such endeavours. Stay tuned to IAAE for more such inspiring stories!


4 Responses

  1. Akshay
    Respected sir. I am.from Maharashtra and i like your idea for transgender so can i take franchise in my city if yes then.please send me details about
    • IAAE Network
      Hi Akshay, thank you for writing in to I Am An Entrepreneur. Please contact Third Eye Cafe for more details. Keep reading!
  2. Dipta Ghosh
    Really Proud of Gairika, that you among the modernest minds of the time and come out for a real cause. Today, somr peoples are aware of the Homosexuals and particularly transexuals. 20 years ago, their lives were tougher as diginified humans and for others to raise their social rights and participations. Thanks to AIR for sensatization programs on H.S. /T.S. Shall definitely visit Third Eye Cafe, we all together. Fix a date.
    • IAAE Network
      Thank you Dipta for writing to IAAE. It was a pleasure hearing from you. Keep reading!