Uber-cool Susan Fowler who dared to take on the CEO

Ex-Uber employee speaks up!

26-year old Susan Fowler, an ex-employee of Uber managed to shake Silicon Valley with her blogpost. In the essay, she reflected on One Very, Very Strange Year at Uber. She began by noting that it was “a strange, fascinating and slightly horrifying story.

Salient points of the story:

. The post published on February 19 rocked the company. It challenged the mantra that great disruptors are above the law.

. Travis Kalanick made indecent proposal to Fowler, over company chat system. She took screenshot of the same and reported it to the HR.

. The HR did not take any action against Kalanick, calling him a ‘high performer.’

. The HR said she should either find another team to work on. Or she should stay on that man’s team and expect a poor performance review.

. She still wanted to mention this in an essay on her blog, without caring if she was branded as a troublemaker. She felt she worked too hard in life to deserve this.

“It just feels like you’re being tossed around on the ocean and there’s nothing. What I keep going back to and what keeps me going, is trying to do good in whatever little spot of the world we can influence, no matter how small,” Fowler said.

Excerpts from ‘New York Times.’

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