When Artificial Intelligence & Start-Ups bond!

The reach of Artificial Intelligence (AI) may not be that elusive in the real world. From virtual assistants like Siri and Cortana to chat-bots and self-driving cars, AI has managed to carve its space in the Indian market. Moreover, start-ups are also moving into the ever-widening market.

Although not the most popular, AI is a new and upcoming industry in the start-up ecosystem. Some players in this field include:

A technology platform that processes real time content, events and learns to produce relevant results on real time and timely basis.

A manufacturer of AI and computer vision solutions for telemedicine, textile, and retail industries.

A text analytics software company, that uses AI and Statistical Natural Language Processing Algorithms to quickly identify trends, patterns and themes.

An AI software that performs many tasks when asked in natural language and serves as a virtual assistant that helps you perform various operations quickly.

The list doesn’t stop there and there are many others venturing into AI.

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