‘If you are passionate about your idea, go for it’

Shepreneur Shruti Nath, Director of Qwazent tells us that women are born-creators and that they should use it to fulfil their dreams…

The healthcare industry in India stood as the fourth largest employer in 2017, when the sector employed approximately 319,780 people. Also, as per a report by Invest India, India’s healthcare market may see a threefold jump in value terms to reach $372 billion by 2022.

Qwazent –India’s first all women boutique healthcare agency looks forward to fulfilling the gap of talent across the value chain of Healthcare Delivery. Talking about their business, Dr. Shruti Nath, Mentor and Director, Qwazent Health Search tells us why and how she abides by the idea of ‘Health is Wealth’. Read on!

The Inception

My journey to entrepreneurship was incidental to an investment done by our family office. We had made a small investment in an upcoming Healthcare Search firm along with few other like-minded investors. However, within a year of its incubation the founding team could not withstand the grind of a start up and left the fledging business – given the nature of the startup, other investors did not have the bandwidth to reinvigorate the business and it was on the verge of being wound down.

Fortunately, my current Managing Partner Deepali Jetley came forward and expressed her hunger to rebuild the business if supported by a strong anchor. Since I had seen the start up from a distance and was convinced about the opportunity, I decided not only to risk my capital further but also started providing mentorship to the team on active basis.

The Business Model

At Qwazent, we observed that there was a ‘missing link’ between the healthcare industry professionals and the healthcare providers in the big cities & metros. There was even a shortfall of healthcare professionals in the Tier II & III towns of the country where now the physical infrastructure had started gaining presence, but the healthcare professionals continued to flock the metros and bigger cities.

Qwazent maps talent for its domestic and global healthcare clients, assess the manpower needs and helps plugging the skill gaps in the industry. It provides specialized executive search, management consulting and critical solutions for enhanced shareholder value.


Dr. Shruti Nath

Dr. Shruti Nath

Healthcare talent search is a specialised skilled set and it requires deep domain expertise – there are complex needs and solutions.  One needs to build a team of highly experienced search professionals, extensive use of technology, artificial intelligence and a vast network of relationships to service the needs of clients. Most of our competing firms can provide solutions of a generalised nature but we have not come across a firm which is so deeply rooted in the Healthcare domain.

Financial Perspective this Fiscal

Given the growing need of healthcare, the market size for a firm like ours is very large. Our platform is ready to service the global client base that wants to hire healthcare resources from India. However, we have to make an extensive investment into an automated AI driven platform which is able to create an engine for self – matching as well as track and maintain the profiles of talent pool across different segments of Healthcare. We have decided that we would not raise capital just for the sake of it, rather we would prefer to wait for strategic partners who along with their capital, support us in creating value for our platform We would jointly work with such a partner to estimate the need of future growth capital.

Scaling Up

We are growing organically – we have three pillars of growth (i) geographical expansion, (ii) vertical expansion – e.g. Healthcare delivery to pharma, devices, allied Services, and (iii) service addition – training, tailored recruitment, etc.

Lastly, any advice for wannabe shepreneurs?

If one has an idea which you are passionate about – go for it. Age, time, and experience should not be a constraint – we are born creators and should use it to fulfil our dreams.

Sure why not? If you are still considering your idea, we say GO FOR IT. And, IAAE would spread it across. Drop in a line at gairika.m@start-guru.in and your entrepreneurial dream is taken care of.



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