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Right work begins with right space

Entrepreneur and foodie explorer, Meghna Agarwal (40 years) is armed with MBA in Finance from IMT, Ghaziabad and a Company Secretary degree. Co-founder of IndiQube, she has 14 years of experience in manufacturing, HR, consulting and commercial real estate. She is also the co-founder of HirePro and Ultrafine.

Meghna’s diverse skills and interests have helped transform IndiQube into a growth environment. The idea combines an easy-going, professional ambience with sound operational and technical processes. The aim was to help businesses as well as its employees come in and thrive. Her interests include interior design, branding and project management.

The Bangalore based feisty youngpreneur shares her journey with Baishali Mukherjee in an engaging chat. Read on!

The stepping stone

My entrepreneurial journey started 14 years ago. Passion in interior designing and project management helped me understand the needs for businesses to thrive. My management experience comes handy in ensuring all the key attributes of workspaces.


Meghna Agarwal

During my journeys as an entrepreneur, I realised, starting your own venture is the most courageous thing to do. In the initial years, entrepreneurs feel the need to connect, collaborate, and focus on work while growing his business. IndiQube was started keeping the ‘Grow and Network’ ethos in mind, finding a platform where all your organization space needs are taken care of.

 Startups end up in residential apartments or old commercial building or standalone ones due to limited funds. These spaces come with rigidity, no corporate branding or ambience and lack of space to collaborate and network. IndiQube is a means to office space and not an end in itself. While providing technology platform to collaborate and grow we provide customised interiors office-spaces with all value-added services to help companies focus on their core work.

Our unique offerings

IndiQube gives you a productivity ready space. The space where you have control through smart cards, business telephone system EPABX, high-speed internet connectivity, UPS and Power Back-up as well as partnered spaces.

We take special care of interior of office so we customize it according to the need. We also extend our hand to the customers to maintain the office. There is great IT support and round- the -clock security in IndiQube office space.

Happy employee is necessary for the good performance of any company. Our business centres are equipped with gyms, food courts and employee engagement programs like yoga, and Pellatt sessions.

IndiQube has a technology driven helpdesk for any queries. We select our property based on a stringent criterion. All our properties are located on employee friendly and prestigious locations, which invariably means great transport and infra.

Pioneer in technology driven business spaces

We at IndiQube create a right business environment for emerging companies to thrive by providing space. We facilitate growth with key growth drivers like scalability and flexibility. Our eco-system of growth allows you to concentrate on things that matter to your business. We provide well-crafted and professionally managed space-infrastructure, employee facilities and partnered spaces.

We help you reduce your capex, enabling you leverage IndiQube advantage of economies of scale. It is a platform for SMEs to find and move into plug-and-play custom designed workspaces. The name IndiQube basically signifies Indian-Qubes.

The initial capital has been brought in by the promoters and we are looking to raise funds sometime soon. The quantum of the funds is still under evaluation. Rishi Das and Meghna Agarwal, the co-founders of IndiQube promoted the venture.


We are working with 13 business centres and more than 100 happy and satisfied clients. The team includes more than 80 employees and contractual workers.

IndiQube finds the spaces in right locations that meet SME requirements. We then custom design the space as per requirements and provide services required for smooth working environment.  The revenue model is “Rentals from the SME” and “Service Revenue on Usage-basis.”

Business challenges

Non-real estate profile: We were perceived as ‘outsiders’ to this industry. We had huge challenges convincing landlords why they should deal with us. Getting the first developer was a challenge but after that we never looked back.

Managing our own expectations: Keeping a high bar for ourselves, we sometimes felt frustrated when things slipped. We always kept the customer experience above everything else and did not compromise. As with any startup, we were going through the learning curve. The maturity cycle, at times managing our own expectations became challenging.

People: Finding the right kind of people who are equally passionate and believe in future is extremely daunting task. 

Future plans

Our expansion is and will be multi-dimensional. Steps are being taken to increase our footprints in more and more cities. Also we would be introducing varied products to fit in each and every organization space needs. The target is to help them to become leaner and more efficient.

Two of our new office spaces are coming up at Bangalore's prestigious locations- Leela Palace and Richmond Road. Plans are to grow to different cities starting with Pune and Hyderabad. We would then expand to other metros and tier II cities.

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