Best productivity apps for entrepreneurs


Project Planning, delegating tasks, cost cutting- here goes a list of a few multitasking activities for the rising entrepreneurs of today.

With only 24 hours and much to be completed, time surely plays a crucial role. Thankfully, technology has made life easier for entrepreneurs to accomplish tasks, manage time, and keep track of the progress & responsibilities in an orderly manner.

Take a look at some of the best apps recommended to get going:


Besides being a notebook to scribble your thoughts, this app’s freeware version is available for the web, iOS, and android. Easily compatible with any gadget, one could sync files, save web pages, capture photos, create to-do lists, and record voice reminders. Apart from all this, the user-friendly interface helps one search the tasks easily on the go.


Entrepreneurs are always on the lookout to hire the best. But recruitment is a tedious task and extremely time-consuming. With Recruiterbox mobile app, the process could be streamlined and this could reduce a lot of manual paperwork. Using this app, entrepreneurs could put all resumes in one place and observe each applicant’s progress.


Entrepreneurs are always on the hunt for new ideas. Ever wonder where do they get their ideas from? Surely, they are not born with them. A well read entrepreneur is usually a powerhouse of ideas and thoughts. Audible is the best app for those who find it difficult to manage time for reading books. This smartphone app allows you to listen to books without the need to actually focus on reading while you are out traveling or just doing chores.


Being an entrepreneur means a lot of traveling. It becomes difficult to keep track of traveling schedules and bookings. With TripIt you no longer need to worry because it organizes your travels by forwarding your booking confirmations to an email address.


Sometimes it’s difficult to remember a password. With a freeware version available for PCs and Macs, Lastpass is your personal password manager. The premium version costs $12 and is available for download on your mobile device.


Producteev helps with delegation of tasks. Using this mobile app, you could delegate tasks to employees, set deadlines, track the progress and get reports on project status. Producteev integrates filtering options which enable you to see how busy your employees are in a current project before assigning a new project to them.


It is a task sharing app for iPhone users. Any.Do comes with a simple interface where you could add tasks either by speech or typing. You could prioritize your tasks on this app and share tasks with even others when you are logged into a social media account. The app has an alarm to alert you about a particular task at the specified time. The app also allows syncing with other devices to make sure you are always on the top of your game.


It is troublesome to keep receipts of your expenses during business trips. Receipts are necessary to claim reimbursement from the business account and track office expenses at the same time. What if some receipts are lost? Expensify is the best solution to get out of such hassles. Take pictures of receipts using the phone camera and save them as digital records in Expensify. Voila!


A mix of chat and inbox tools, Flowdock is a convenient way of collaborating with team members on various projects. The app is compatible with most of the mobile platforms and browsers. Using Flowdock, you could drag and drop files, share and upload files, browse activities of team members, etc. The app sends instant notifications to the team whenever there is any change in the project so that they could work on it without delay.

So are you using these apps yet? If not, get downloading right away. And let us know what are your favorite apps.

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