Is Cyber Analytics required for Startups?

Cyber Analytics is important for your startup

Keeping data to its core, more and more Startups are now operating with a combination of mobility, cloud and Internet of Things. And with such modus operandi, they also are vulnerable to potential cyber-attacks that would grow in leaps and bounds in coming years. That’s where Cyber Analytics comes into rescue with its multi layered threat intelligence information that would track the attack path and use preventive security measures to stop the same.

Cyber Analytics helps a firm with cyber insights from data that can help immensely to remain secure, vigilant and resilient. It aids firms with rapid damage control measures incase of an attack, which will have minimized effect on the company’s reputation without compromising on their critical assets. However Cyber Analytics has its own challenges as well.

Cyber Analytics platform leverages Big Data, Machine learning, Trend and Behavioural analysis to identify abnormal activities in the system. It collects data from various networks, end users and derive intelligent insights on potential threats. A cyber-attack can paralyse the functioning of a Startup and hence can be prevented well in advance through Cyber Analytics.

Following are some of the benefits that a firm can harvest from Cyber Analytics:

Segmenting and profiling the users

Detection of external anomalies through Machine Learning

Quick and fast detection of internal frauds by analysing outliers’ behaviour

Detailed analysis of network by bandwidth usage, IP address, DNS resolution, network traffic etc.

Sending out alerts through advance threat detection

Single dashboard for analytical reports

While there are loads of benefits of using Cyber Analytics, organizations are increasingly finding it challenging to implement the same due to certain complexities. Let’s have a look at them.

Maintain right balance in cyber analytics team: Often we find experts in two fields separately – Hacking and Data Science, whereas both these expertise need to work in sync. Hence, getting the right balance of resource is a major challenge.

Getting access to data: It becomes herculean task to get access to data from various departments and adequate stakeholders. Since data is the key to the success of Cyber Analytics, accessing them without much hardship would account for the success of the firm.

Defining proper objective:Many firms get stuck as their objectives are vague and not well defined. With a mesh of users, networks, IPs, bandwidths etc it would be hard to implement Cyber Analytics successfully if proper objective is not drawn out.

For Startups securing their digital assets is the prime business concern and hence the cyber security shouldn’t be compromised at any cost. The need to protect intellectual property, customers’ data, and shareholders’ interest is very critical for any firm.

Application of Cyber Analytics platform uses behavioural analytics for constant monitoring of system, study the past attacks and match incoming data feeds for any anomalies. That’s how threats are tackled and a firm’s business interest is saved. Cyber Analytics uses Big Data, Hadoop, MapReduce to defend targeted attacks and prevent intrusions.

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