Mistakes homepreneurs should avoid

Hey womenpreneurs! Don't commit these mistakes!

Working from home or launching any business from the vicinity of one's household has its advantages. This could increase flexibility and help improve the balance between work and personal life.

While working from home may sound quite lucrative, it comes with own set of challenges. Here is a list of eight common mistakes that most new working from home professionals can avoid:

Spending Too Much Time Indoors: Spending too much time indoors is one of the most common but avoidable mistakes. Taking time out from home office to meet potential clients in a personal interaction needs to be part of the work culture. Spending long time indoors may be counterproductive and can hurt the public relations of the company and the individual. Adding social outings with clients including meetings, coffee shop meet ups and business lunches are the best ways to counter the isolated working environment for working from home professionals.

Beware of the Burnouts: Working from home professionals are the most likely candidates for burnouts and need to divide their time smartly to avoid frequent burnout periods. Most working from home professionals have a 24/7 work schedule in an attempt to maximize their productive output. While offering more time to the business is a huge advantage, working long hours is the sure shot recipe for burnouts. The key is to manage time effectively by fixing working hours.

Allowing Unnecessary Interruptions: Working from home individuals need to keep their guard against unwanted interruptions including household chores and other non business related errands. Not only do frequent interruptions disrupt the workflow mechanism, they also act as a time wasting gimmicks that could hurt the overall work efficiency. While you have the liberty to deal with various household chores by multitasking business and homes, it is recommended to keep unwanted interruptions to the bare minimum and explored only in emergency situations.

Being Non Professional:  Adopting a non professional approach could be an easy slipup for working from home individuals. Professionalism is not a trait but an attitude that must be incorporated for all working from home individuals and professionals. Small things like setting a dedicated work area, having earmarked working timings, proper scheduling of work and balancing between work and home chores all add up to make a professional work culture.

Mixing Work Area with Home: Mixing home areas and work areas is unlikely to create a division between work and home chores. Having a dedicated work area not only brings a sense of professionalism, it also helps in cutting out unwanted distractions. It is advised to remove all unwanted personal objects from the desk while engrossed in work to maximize output and minimize distractions.

Staying Disorganized: Staying disorganized is a sure shot recipe for failure. It is advised to keep a guard against being disorganized as it may hurt their business immensely. Piling up of a lot of pending work without any deadlines or seniors looking down one's throat can bring delays. Also the ambience of the work space must be clean, bright and organized with only business related files and add-ons cutting out all distractions.

Not Planning Each Day: A lot of homepreneurs usually ignores the importance of planning ahead in advance. Planning each day in advance is recommended to maximize business productivity and bringing a sense of focus and dedication to the work. By planning things one day in advance, working from home professionals can actually accomplish a lot more time for their home chores and other errands rather than staying in office for long hours.

Non Synergic Employee Team: Having a non synergic employee team that does not respect you work space and home space can be deterrent in achieving work proficiency. If your employee team is not respecting your home space, it is essential to brief them about dedicated work area or finding a perfect synergic team. Rather than allowing employees to have lunch in your living room which may not go down well with other members of the household, it is recommend to set up rules for the workspace which are followed by the whole team.

What kind of challenges have you faced while establishing your business from home? Do share your views.


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